In 1963, Mary Ketus Deen Holland compiled and Published OUR HERITAGE, Volume I on the Deen, Miles, Hall, and Kemp families.
     In 1979, she compiled and published OUR HERITAGE, Volume I, A Genealogy of the Descendants of PHILLIP DEEN. This work was a revision of the Deen Family information contained in OUR HERITAGE, Volume I, but did not include information on our allied families as she covered them extensively in their own publications.
     Sometime later, Mary Ketus added an index to the Deen publication.
     In October 2002, Lamar Deen, President of the Deen Family Association and I, asked Mary Ketus if she had planned to revise the current edition. She said no, but gave us permission to do so as long as the resulting work was in the same format as her original. - she definitely did not want a computer-generated book..
     The first draft of this, the second revision, was complete in June 2003 and hand carried to Mary Kete for her  approval. Suggestions from Mary Kete were made and I spent the next three or four months working with the format (double-spacing entries and setting book margins).
     I started working on the index in Feb 2004 and had it completed by the end of Jun. 2004. As luck would have it, I was then made aware of additional family information in other publications and received additional inputs from family members. If I added any information to the excising book, it would move names to another page and make the index useless.
     What to do - since we wanted to make this family information available to all?  My wife Gloria, suggested that I add an Addendum. Thus, when I added names to the Addendum, I could add them to the index. This was done and you will see that the Addendum now runs ten pages or so and every name in the book is indexed. Where names were added, it is noted in the main body of the book where these additions can be found.
     Last month, I hand-carried this revision back to Mary Ketus in NC for her review and left her a copy. We had some more changes and additions (which went into the Addendum).
     This revision could not, have been possible without the help of the many members of the Deen Family Association who shared their family histories with me.
     I have added a bibliography to this revision and hopefully have included everyone who sent me family information. In all  probably I will have missed listing a submitter. I apologize in advance, but please ask you to tell me if I left you out.
     I can assure you that I did not make up any information, however, in a work of this nature, there are bound to be some mistakes. If you find one, please tell me about it so that we can get it corrected for our family records and future publications.
     Mary Ketus has sold her house in Linville Falls, NC and will be returning to her old child hood home in Bunnell for a spell after the reunion. For now, she has placed all of the Deen Family Information in my care.

Claude Sisco Deen, Jr.

11 Aug 2004


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